Wally has a new certification!

In addition to being a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), he is now a Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP). By now you are wondering what that all means.

It means he is continuing to work on his craft to elevate his skills to deliver superior content and superior delivery to your people. Online may be simple but it isn’t easy. Your people are one browser tab away from anything else – so the content and delivery must be compelling to keep them engaged. Polls, breakout rooms, application sharing, digital whiteboards and post program application for reinforcement are all things you should be looking for.

What is your plan for developing your people in the face of COVID?

Contractors are making decisions now for winter training. Don’t miss the boat.

Developing Construction Leaders is What We Do.

Keynotes, Live Workshops, Interavtive Virtual Learning & Personal One-On-One Coaching.

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