They Cancelled the Christmas Parade (and it is still July)

Just saw they cancelled the NC State Fair in October AND the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

In other words, there is little optimism that this freaking COVID thing will have improved much in the next 5 months.

Beyond depressing, this is a major wake up call.

Wake up and do TWO things if you have not done them already

FIRST, get training scheduled. MANY contractors put all that on hold for the past few months and are now moving forward. This compressed schedule with more demand will put trainer availability at a premium. I don’t care what you commit to – live or virtual – or live with a virtual back up but time is running shorter than you think. Couple this demand with the usual off-season demand and you may be left out.

Second, time for some serious scenario planning. Gather your leadership team for this exercise

COVID-19 Becomes the new normal!

Imagine a future where no vaccine is effective against COVID and the virus presents a new threat to everyday life.

  1. How do we differentiate ourselves as a contractor better suited to successfully build projects in this new age than our competitors?
  2. What changes in your everyday personal life and work life are needed to protect yourself, your family and your employees physically and mentally healthy in these new conditions?

Hope is not a method and people are your best profit strategy. What will you do to move forward.

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