useless leadership schlock here…

Here is a useless piece of self-help schlock I read the other day.
To be more optimistic just choose to be more positive. WTF. I want to throw up when I read that.

Oh, ok and to be more rich I should just choose to make more money…and to be in better shape I should just choose to eat better. And to be better golfer I should score better. This simplistic drivel ticks me off. Tell someone to do something but don’t tell them how to do it.

I am not knocking optimism. Very important. Even more so for leaders during the pandemic. However, the lack of real insight and coaching is a pandemic in itself these days. I heard there are 7mm life coaches on LI, up from 2mm one year ago. While I am sure many might be pretty good at what they do I am guessing the vast majority have no freaking clue. I would be skeptical about a fitness trainer who is overweight.

Just sayin. Willpower ain’t the answer to all your troubles. In fact, that mentality of choose to be stronger and life gets better causes more harm than good.

There are specific things you can do it improve your outlook, I can tell you a bunch of them. You can google even more but you also need to understand your history, habits, and hopes to have a better chance of it.


Wally Adamchik


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