Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time someone was in charge. Their title might be King or something along those lines. When you displeased the king, he had you executed.

Later Kings were replaced by dictators. Similar results should you not toe the line.

Then, somewhere along the way things began to change…we moved from this authoritative style to a more participative style. Instead of the leader telling you what to think, they might ask for your opinion. The concept of servant leader evolved in business and all of a sudden the leader wasn’t executing anyone, they were asking about how to better execute the plan.

Yikes. this was a big change and some of you know exactly what I am talking about and are longing for the good old days when you told me to jump and I said how high!

Yah. sorry the good old days are gone. long gone….and nowhere in here did I say anything about being nice. I am saying you need not be a jerk.

So. there you have it. A history of leadership in one minute. And all you have to know is we are in a time when participative leadership is the game. Learn the rules. If you want a rule book send me a message


Wally Adamchik


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