Why Leadership Training Fails

The simple answer is because it sucks and doesn’t connect with people but here are a few more reasons.

It fails because it is based on theory only. Too many instructors have no idea what happens in the real world.

Because lecture is more important than interaction and learning. Too many instructors are afraid to engage in real discussion with students for fear of not having the answer or because their ego is too big

Because it is viewed as an a event and not part of a program/culture to develop people.

Because context really matters and too many vendors simply do not understand construction which does have a unique culture.

Because, having worked in construction does not qualify one to teach leadership in construction. It does qualify them to tell some great stories but those wear out.

Because it is not science based on current research and adult learning.

Because the people running the company are not committed to it. They don’t show up and they allow people to miss class too often in pursuit of production

Because one size does not fit all. If your instructor cannot see 3 different ways to address a scenario, they are the wrong one.

What other reasons do you think leadership training fails?


Wally Adamchik


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