What Would You Cry For?

What would you cry for?

The University of Notre Dame has a campaign asking what would you fight for? I ask, what would you cry for?

Here Dustin Johnson, having just won the Masters, finds himself in tears and at a total loss for words during the post-round interview.

We admire him for his commitment and passion but where is that in our own lives?

But Wally, he is a professional athlete and I am just a …….

There are no “just a……” unless you make it so. Where in your life do you so care much it brings you tears? I have seen employees being recognized at work and the emotions ran strong.

I have seen retirement ceremonies for employees where there was not a dry eye in the house.

This isn’t about tears it is about passion and commitment to something that matters so much.

As we enter the holidays….I know family matters, but what else.

What would you cry for today? Do you have it in your life and are you creating that place at work?


Wally Adamchik


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