Getting the gift of gratitude…

Gifts come in different forms…Got this one today!

From a client using my book for a book club. Made my day. I challenge you to pass it forward with praise and gratitude to someone supporting you

……I cannot tell you enough how much our team of almost 30 PMs, APMs, Supts and PEs are enjoying this.

We have 2 Ops calls per week for 30 minutes each with everyone calling in on MS Teams. In the past, we discussed new procedures or review existing procedures to improve them.

This is like a breath of fresh air for everyone.

The first 10 mins or so, a selected individual presents on the chapter by answering 6 questions and how it impacts them. We then watch your video presentation on the chapter and the last 10 or minutes, others share on the subject and past experiences.

It is really good and I have received so many positive words from the team that they are enjoying it. Thank for making this so easy. We look forward to seeing you in person…..

Made my day! Construction Leadership from A to Z was written to be user friendly


Wally Adamchik


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