A better way to Onboard

Onboarding is more than a buzzword, it starts with the offer. Heck, it might even start before the offer.

Some insights I gained at Conexpo in a session by Charlie Kimmel of Kimmel & Associates

I THOUGHT I would attend and get a few pointers I could share with clients. What I got was a new perspective on onboarding.

☑ 58% of folks get a counter offer when they give notice. Plan for this.

☑The fear of unknown can cause people to say yes to the counter. ☑Have a comm plan to reduce anxiety after they accept offer
☑Make your best offer first. Anything less suggests you are being cheap,
☑Would be great if the offer came from the manager, this gets the relationship started.
☑You only have one chance to get it right
☑Onboarding lasts 6 months not 6 hours (that is orientation)
☑ Understand hiring cost VS onboarding investment
☑New employees are needy, they want comfort and piece of mind.
☑Have the owner or President make a thank you call (make the new person feel special)

Hoopaugh Grading Company, LLC has a transition coordinator position. A person dedicated to helping new hires get comfortable and succeed!

But Wally, all this will cost money and take time.
Yah, how is your current process working for you?

If you want to change the outcomes you need to change the inputs.


Wally Adamchik


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