The Packers LOST!!!! Bad decisions or bad outcomes???

Monday the sports world was abuzz with people with an opinion. The Packers lost because of Rodgers OR Lafleur. Whatever! As Daron K. Roberts, J.D. (someone worth following) says this is not about sports it is about leadership.

To all of you so confidently second guessing Sunday, saying “I would have.” get over yourself. If you have never been there, you don’t have any idea. If you have been there, you DO have an idea BUT you do not KNOW what you would have done in that moment. You do know what you did in the past but as we know from stocks. Past performance is no guarantee of future results

The goal is the best decision possible – with the information you have, and the experience you have, in the time you have in that moment.

Are there bad decisions or are there bad outcomes? IF the Packers win NOBODY is second guessing them. Victory = good decision. Loss = bad decision.

I was the co-pilot in a helicopter crash. The details don’t matter. I learned then there will always be people to criticize your actions. They could praise the effort and the outcome (we saved the aircraft and nobody died). They could just be quiet….

Until you are in THAT moment….you don’t know what you would do, so all those folks railing on the Packers, take a breath.


Wally Adamchik


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