What We Do

We help develop leaders for the built environment. We impact all links in the value chain. From materials/suppliers, to contractors, to the A/E community and all other stakeholders in the construction ecosystem, we know the challenges you face and help you beat them.

Keynote Speeches and Breakout sessions

Association events and corporate meetings need great content. These presentations on leadership, culture and other human capital related items are designed for maximum impact. Relevant, informative, engaging. Each presentation is tailored to your group and your needs. From one hour to a full-day, participants are enlightened and inspired.  Safety, quality, and productivity are not mutually exclusive and can be achieved when you develop your leaders.

Live Training

Don’t believe those experts who tell you live training is dead. It is important as ever if you seek to establish a winning culture. Our leadership development solutions come in a number of shapes and sizes. .

Advanced Leadership Program

This is our highest level offering. Why pay to send someone away to sit in a room with people they don’t know to learn things they will not apply when you can get maximum ROI by educating a cohort of your own leaders in a comprehensive learning experience? This program involves a small group of your top leaders who emerge as a highly cohesive cohort positioned for future success. We combine high-level instruction and education, personal coaching using a battery of assessments, and action learning (small groups work on projects that can transform your organization) over the course of 9-12 months to create a well-educated, highly aligned team that will lead your company into the future.

Frontline Leadership Academy (FLA)

Nothing builds itself and we all know the frontline is where a contractor makes (or loses) money. Too many people teaching supervisory skills have no idea what it is like to step foot on a construction project. These well-intentioned lecturers miss the mark, your students tune out and you waste money. To create your FLA, we collaborate with you to conduct a needs analysis. We then work with you to customize content and delivery for maximum impact. Growing up in the industry helps Wally connect with these great folks.

One day offerings

Not everyone needs an academy, we get it. We regularly deliver shorter programs focusing on one or two topics. Here are some of the subjects we can deliver.

  • Leadership Vs Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Decision Making
  • Situational Leadership
  • Essentials of Communication
  • Not being a Jerk
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Leading Change
  • Team Leadership
  • Generations at work
  • Self-awareness
  • Coaching Skills
  • Servant Leadership

Online Training

We cannot always come together. Budgets and pandemics present challenges but that doesn’t mean you cannot train.

Anything we deliver in-person can be delivered livestream. Content is structured differently and technology is employed to have maximum return on investment. Let’s talk about what that might look like for you.


This is quickly becoming one of the most important things we do. The pace of change is quickening. We operate in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) world and your leaders need someone to talk to and to guide them. They are challenged on many fronts and a personal coach helps them overcome specific development needs and grooms them for the next level. Our coaching process is designed to increase self-awareness through assessments, reading, journaling and application. Talking about change doesn’t change someone, working through change does. We help people learn to manage change and increase leader effectiveness. This is high ROI work that accelerates growth.