Can I trust you….

Can I trust you?

In 2020 – percent of people responding a great deal/quite a lot of trust in
⚠️ Church and Religious organizations 42
⚠️ Supreme Court 40
❌ Congress 13
❌ Big Business 19
✅ Military 72
✅ Small business 75

IF you create a culture of trust you gain competitive advantage as people will want to stay

From David Horsager research
❌ 83% of people would not follow a leader they don’t trust
✅ 85% of people believe a high trust work environment helps them perform at their best.

From Wally Adamchik CMC, CSP, MBA
✅ 82% of office operations trusts leadership
❌ 62% of field supervision trusts leadership
✅ 92% of respondents said ignoring values will get you in trouble

From Wally Adamchik CMC, CSP, MBA research with Top Contractors To Work For
✅ 94% trust leadership.

But industry statistics have little to do with you and what is happening on your crews, in your company.

When is the last time you asked your people how they feel, if they trusted you? IF it is time, send me a DM and we can help you figure it out


Wally Adamchik


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