Your Normal Circle

At the ripe old age of age 87, Michelangelo’s parting words were, “Ancora Imparo…Yet, I am learning”

What did YOU learn today by simply stepping outside your normal circle? What holds you back from being curious? The most common answer, once we look inside, is fear, and we don’t need any more of that these days! Be aware of your fear and fight it great curiosity!

I just talked with C.J. Stottuth and Justin Olson of Viewpoint and learned way more than I thought I knew about construction specific software.

Considering they support nearly 50% of the ENR 400/600 it was fascinating to get their take on industry trends. It was interesting to hear them, as tech providers, talk about the importance of LEAN and of leadership. I agree totally!

You must make progress on all fronts to advance your business.

This conversation grew from a casual meeting after I spoke at an Association leadership retreat. Too many people complain about the inability to connect/network/sell during the Pandemic. This will not get easier as we enter Winter. Lockdowns are being put in place again.

It has been too easy to do nothing but where will those untended relationships be when you need them next year?

Action Item! Schedule one meeting with someone not in your normal circle.


Wally Adamchik


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