Who gives back $$2.7mm???

If you haven’t heard of Gary Anderson, that is OK. He has had some success as a college football coach but not enough to stand out for the wins. He has more losses than wins but he also took on some real loser programs and turned them around.

What is remarkable? He never took the money and ran. He refused to be paid the balance of his contract more than once. Most recently he was fired at Utah State. Ow,ed three years at $900,000 per year, he said keep it. Who does THAT?

Texas was on the hook for $15mm with Tom Herman, South Carolina owed Will Muschamp for $15mm. Hey that was the contract so I am not criticizing these men. I AM pointing out the remarkable actions of Anderson. I don’t know the man, I don’t know the specifics I just know what he said.

“How could I wake up every day and look at myself in the mirror knowing I took money from the kids in that program?” he told a colleague, believing the money could be used for things that would benefit the players. “Coaching is not about the mighty dollar. It is about teaching and putting young men in a position to succeed on and off the field. Success comes when all parties involved are moving in the same direction.”

Most of us would say D1 football is about the money. Not Gary Andersen.

If your actions made the front page. Would you feel good about them?


Wally Adamchik


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