Where Do I Fit In?

Where do I fit into all this?

No, this is not some cosmic question I am considering…It is what employees wonder all the time.

Leaders share big picture vision/goals/results and think they have communicated and pat themselves on the back. Not so fast.

There is a CRITICAL next step of connecting employee behavior to those big picture results. You may assume that the equipment mechanic understands the oil change she just did contributes to the company making the revenue goal but don’t do that.

Connect the dots. Say something like – I appreciate you staying late on Thursday night to get that oil change done, that meant we could get that machine to the job on Friday so it could work over the weekend so we could finish that job early and get bonus dollars. It is exactly that kind of effort that helps us meet our goals. Thank You. etc

This extra step helps people feel connected to the cause and it matters.


Wally Adamchik


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