Learning Season is almost here

Actually we should always be in learning mode but in the coming months the construction industry will see many conventions, conferences, annual meetings, and the like.

Live or virtual – how do you know you are getting any ROI for the person attending the event? I think this is even more true if the event is virtual since it was cheaper than the live and maybe (wrongly) carries less importance.

The single best answer I know of is to have the person attending the meeting present a summary to the team when they return. I know A FEW (but not many really) that do this and it creates an expectation in the attendee and they pay attention more than they might have.

I am not talking an hour review, something like 15 minutes to summarize key points and maybe some suggestions for how the company or people can use the learning. This also helps people develop their presentation skills.

Education should not be a paid vacation, it should generate ROI for the time and money spent.


Wally Adamchik


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