Don’t Miss the Boat

FACE TO FACE WITH PEOPLE all week and more to come. The pace of business is picking up! Will you be ready?

Sunday drove 5 hours from Raleigh to the Outer Banks for an intense two-day planning meeting with 7 member leadership team of a $100mm GC.

Tuesday night – drove 6 hours to Rocky Mount, VA to deliver the 5th session of 7 in our front line leadership skills program for a $50mm Concrete contractor on Wednesday

Wednesday night – drove 4 hours to Williamsburg for executive coaching on Thursday for an exec in a $2bb infrastructure company.

Thursday – drove home…coaching call with an exec for a $1bb electrical contractor and confirmed a LIVE 2-day communications class for a $400mm GC.

Friday face to face coaching for a PM in a $125mm dirt contractor in Raleigh.

3 totally different types of work (facilitation, speaking, coaching) for 6 very different contractors.

The common thread is it all involves people in construction because nothing builds itself. I Love what I do and appreciate the opportunity to do it…(OK, I hated the driving but flying wasn’t a good option).

Want to talk people in construction? Send me a DM.

If you are thinking about scheduling speaking, coaching, consulting, get it on the calendar. Whoever you use might be too busy to support you.


Wally Adamchik


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